Having spent an evening surrounded by some incredible women championing not only their rights but those of all women, it seemed like a good time to talk about you. Your rights. Your needs. Your wants. Most importantly, how you’re fighting for those things.

In the build up to the unveiling of the new Emmeline Pankhurst statue in Manchester city centre, the challenge to you all now is to find your own bravery, take hold of it with both hands, and push it to the top of the pile. Act on it, fight for it and, more importantly, stand up for what you know to be right.

Emmeline was a woman who saw something in the state of the world which she disagreed with so, despite it being a seemingly impossible task, she set out to make a change. The world she lived in wasn’t offering her something which she deemed to be fundamental but, rather than adapting herself to fit into that world, she decided to shape that world to make it fit her within it.

This is not a case of simply saying that if you want something enough you can get it just by fighting. That is obviously not how the world works. The point here is that you should always fight for the things you want because the only cast iron way of guaranteeing that you will never achieve something is by not even trying.

Take heart my dears, have confidence, and believe in yourself. Bravery and courage can be found in the most unlikely of places and even if your voice feels like it’s out there on its own, by putting it out there you’re not only fighting for your rights but opening the conversation up for other like-minded people to join you.

Stop wishing you had the life that you want and go out and get that life. Or, at the very least, make a start.

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