Due to a variety of circumstances a planned weekend abroad was cancelled however, not being one to waste a weekend, I decided to turn it into a positive experience.

Work is too shit and life is too short to go about throwing away weekends like sad little cig dimps so I decided to try and make the most of it and actually have some fun at home.

I live in Stockport, a somewhat thriving town on the edge of Manchester. Interpret that as you will but for my purposes this weekend, it means a whole city’s worth of adventuring right on my slightly gone to seed little doorstep.

First stop, Friday night, the Levenshulme artisan market. Great people, free flowing drinks and delicious food – not much there isn’t to love there! And, if you were in the mood to purchase, to channel my inner Patsy for a moment, so many gorgeous little things to be had and all from independent sellers and delightfully crafty folk.

My food of choice was some incredibly tasty Polish dumplings filled with potato, cheese, sauerkraut and mushrooms and a side of pickled who even knows what. Bang tasty.

Saturday morning (late morning, it is the weekend after all) and first stop is Heaton Moor. One of the colloquially known “Four Heatons” and home to some of my absolute favourite places.

Coffee and brunch were had at Pokusevskis, home to (in my humble opinion) some of the greatest home-baked cakes this side of the Pennines.

I had a gravalax and cream cheese bagel and I’d love to be able to share a picture but it was so tasty, that I ate it too quickly to remember to take a photograph!

Make sure you pay them a visit though, highly recommended!


A quick stop at Heaton Moor’s Sue Ryder charity shop provided me with this incredible jug. I can never resist a charity shop because you just never quite know how much you might treasure something which was trash to someone else.

Next up Levenshulme again, for a visit to The Original Antiques Village. This place is literally incredible and crammed to the rafters with furniture and curios of the like that you just can’t buy on the high street any more.

Quick furniture break had at Trove, where I had a glass of homemade cucumber and mint cordial with sparkling water. Just the thing during another bout of this entirely un-British weather.

Obviously they don’t just sell water, that’d make for a very odd cafe, so do check out their menu because I can personally vouch for their food as well!


After another hour of antiques browsing it felt like time for a drink so I retired to my friend’s garden and we mixed up a batch of sangria. Heavenly stuff. Sod aperol spritz, sangria is THE summer drink.

Recipe as follows:

1 x bottle of red wine (we went for a cabernet sauvignon)

1 x litre of lemonade

1 x carton of pineapple juice

Brandy. Add to taste although we used about 150ml

3 x large oranges, sliced

Sunday and sangria-head arrived simultaneously so as a perfect way to close my weekend, I decided to cheat on my “stay at home” plan ever so slightly and take a drive.

Within an hour I was at Formby, a beautiful stretch of coast with more than enough open space to clear my head, from the sangria and everything else that might be rattling around in there.

A book for company is my idea of heaven so with nothing but the waves breaking onto the beach below to disturb me, I’d call this a perfect way to end my weekend.

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