Recently I purchased the book you can see above. Long-time, avid fan of Lonely Planet in general with a less than secret desire to be one of their travel writers. Just imagine that as a life. Parties and gatherings would suddenly be much more interesting. “What do you do? I’m an exec at blah corporate blah hell hole. What about you?” Just wait for it. “Oh well, I’m a writer actually.” That’s pretty great in itself. Boring exec is then obliged to go “So what are you working on?” Your next line? “I’ve recently been working on an immersive piece about indigenous cultures in Guatemala. There’s a really interesting piece in the pipeline about undiscovered coffee shops in Northern France as well.” You’ve still said pipeline. You still sound like a working person who knows all of the stupid jargon. Just immediately and astoundingly more interesting. Dreamy right? I think so.

Anyway, I bought said book in an attempt to do something interesting with my life and, after the realisation that everybody I knew was incredibly busy all of the time decided (rather rashly) that actually, I was just going to go by myself.

Thus began this journey. I’ve always wanted a blog but thought it might make me a bit of a twat if I just self-indulgently discussed my own opinions on the internet. So now I am able to cunningly use this platform to share not only my opinions in general but, more specifically, my opinions on various places which I have visited.

Here goes my travel writing dream.

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