The Changing of the Course of History

Roughly 100 years ago the world was changed irrevocably for women, thanks to the battles fought and won by Emmeline Pankhurst. Friday 14th December saw the second female statue to grace the streets of Manchester (in 117 years!) unveiled, and, Emmeline rightfully honoured in the city of her birth. The Emmeline statue campaign was championed Continue Reading

Fight for your Right (not just to party, but oh so much more).

Having spent an evening surrounded by some incredible women championing not only their rights but those of all women, it seemed like a good time to talk about you. Your rights. Your needs. Your wants. Most importantly, how you’re fighting for those things. In the build up to the unveiling of the new Emmeline Pankhurst Continue Reading

Riding on auto. Or; the over-arching reason as to why a manual gearbox is just better.

There have been a few happenings in my life recently which have got me thinking about routine and, more importantly, autopilot. So much of life is done on what we call autopilot; as in, not paying any attention to anything which is going on around us. Whilst incredibly guilty of this very habit myself, whenever Continue Reading

A Surprise Sunday…

Sometimes the best plans are the ones you don’t make and this Sunday was a perfect example. With a selection of my greatest pals, and an evening of a few too many glasses of red wine behind us, we decided to visit the Leeds Food and Drink Festival. This happens every year in Millenium Square Continue Reading